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Publishing Mission

Print Publishing in a Digital World

2121 Books was born out of a desire to showcase voices and ideas from artists among the DIY (do it yourself) community. Unlike most big publishing houses, 2121 is not narrowed by genre or book type; instead, 2121 looks at the artist and their platform of expression.

In a digital work, a publishing company’s success lies within the products. Among the products in the 2121 Books pipeline is an adult coloring book based on illustrations of Rap Girl by various artists. Products like this open the door for fun package options such as coloring books with crayons or like the final book of Endless Meghan’s series, Last Chance for a Slow Dance, will have a package option with a deck of cards and instructions for the game the characters play and a bottle opener.

Bookstores are full of competition for books. As a young company whose books are currently found in a handful of independent shops as consignment items make it near impossible to stand out against the hundreds to thousands of books with familiar author names or cookie cutter covers.

Much like the product, success lies within the distribution. Everyone wants to see something new, experience something they never have before.

2121 Books lives among the DIY community, which is host to many events such as music shows, open mics, and small flea markets.

Armed with the 2121 Books “pop-up” shop, founder, Endless Meghan has performed and curated shows among the community with an open door to outsiders. The success of sales has been higher than the conventional route of bookstores and an online shop.