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Friends of 2121 Books

Community and collaboration is important, without it we wouldn't survive as artists or people. These are some of our dearest friends who have contributed or supported to 2121 Books. 

Baxter's Speakeasy

Poni Melange

Rap Girl

Valerie Astra Powers


Playtime Posse 

BUSted Los Angeles

Trystero Coffee 

Book Show (Highland Park)

Tasket Clothing

Miedlena Records

2121 Books is run single handedly by Endless Meghan with help from friends, but supplies add up, especially during the infancy of a company. If you want to help 2121 Books, but don't have the time to volunteer or live elsewhere in the world, here is our Amazon Wish List. It includes office, merchandise, and zine supplies along with a request for a Koosh Ball because Endless is a perpetual child from the 90s.