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Story Behind the Name

2121 North San Fernando Road sits on a stretch of road on the northeast side of the Los Angeles River. It is a white warehouse dating back to the 1920s with a chapel-like tower in the middle. Its last year (2014-2015) serving as a home for a community of artists was wild and emotional for all involved. The party of the year happened within the confines of that building on February 7th 2015. Bands played; romances blossomed; drinks were poured at Baxter Speakeasy's launch on the patio. 

Following a tumultuous exodus from 2121, a handful of communal living buildings were shut down and several of my friends sprawled looking for their next temporary home. This concept is something many of our families do not understand - DIY life. 

The artists/writers 2121 Books focuses on are those within the Los Angeles DIY community. They're not of cookie cutter design; they aren't traditional; they aren't found on the bestseller shelves because most have been ignored or told their art has no money or stamina. 

The decision to launch 2121 Books was made after I received an upteenth rejection with a note "your writing is good, but there isn't a market for this." 

2121 Books officially debuted June 25th 2016 at the Frogtown Flea Market located in the flex space of Command Center, a community of artists built by former residents of 2121.